Gorgeous, Premium Quality Free PSD Files for Designers

As a professional designer, trying to find free PSD files that are fresh and high quality among the countless “best of” lists and low quality resource sites often ends up leaving me frustrated and wishing I hadn’t wasted the time. But because a well designed Photoshop file can shave hours of a project, going the route of designing from scratch isn’t always the best option. It’s great not to have to waste budgeted project time re-inventing the wheel and instead benefit from the amazing talents of another designer, especially when it’s an area that they are better in than you are. In the end, making the decision to search for usable PSDs vs just designing from scratch sometimes feels like a complete gamble.

Enter Design Basement, a source of incredible design resources that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. The quality of the work displayed makes it a fun site to browse even when I’m not on a project; sometimes it’s just a great source of inspiration (with stuff I can download if I like it enough!). But because the site is so well organized and easy to use it’s turning out to be a very handy tool to search for free PSD files that relate to a specific project.

And the resources aren’t limited to Photoshop files either. There is a whole range of great resources for web and app designers. I loved the bundle deal revolution when it came along, but I’m finding I don’t actually get that much value out of those purchases unless I use them the first month; after that they have a way of disappearing in a deep folder structure. But of course why buy a bundle when you can get more stuff for free online… and it’s easier to find. My new workflow is to check Design Basement for free PSD files first, and if they don’t have it, it’s probably worth building what I need from scratch.

Free PSD Files

How to Fix Your Overheating Gateway P-Series Laptop

Gateway P-7805u LaptopI have a Gateway P-7805u notebook that’s been running hot, slow and noisy for a while now. I didn’t think anything of it until I tried to play Battlefield 2, a game it should have handled with ease, and the system slowed to a crawl.

After fiddling with other solutions that did nothing, it struck me the system was getting so hot it had to slow down the processors to generate less heat. Getting to the fans so I could check them for dust was not as easy as on my previous laptop, but I eventually found two great guides to walk me through the process of taking everything apart:

Sure enough, even though we don’t smoke or have pets there was a lot of dust clogging the cooling system. Once I got that cleaned out the system ran much cooler, the noise level dropped off because the fans didn’t have to run continually, and best of all Battlefield 2 runs like a well-oiled machine, just the way it should.

Even if dust isn’t your issue, the guides above are detailed enough to walk you through replacing just about anything on your system, including the screen and the fans. Check them out.

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