Migrating from Xoops to Joomla

PixelCliff - Open-Source Template ConversionsI used to use Xoops a fair amount several years ago, but eventually settled on Joomla and WordPress as being a better solution for my needs. If you are like me and are thinking about making the switch to another platform, you may be interested to learn of a new service by PixelCliff that can make your move a LOT easier. For a fee, PixelCliff can take either your existing website design or an artwork file (e.g. Photoshop PSD) and convert it to a fully functional Joomla template (or WordPress or Drupal theme for that matter). The ability to take your design with you goes a long way toward making any switch much more feasable.

There are a couple of added bonuses here. The first is that it is fast. From the time you place your order till you get your finished template takes just 5 business days (or 72 hours if you are in a big hurry and willing to fork out the extra cash.) The other bonus is that you get a high-quality product, and that means better SEO, better browser compatibility, and should you ever need to tweak things, more readable code.

You can find PixelCliff at: PixelCliff – Open-Source Template Conversions

  • Hi. I was actually looking for someone that could do the migration for me (at least users, forum and articles).
    Do you offer this type of services?
    What would be your fee?

  • Sam

    @Claudiano Sorry, that’s not something I do. My focus is on the design side of things. If you have a good experience with someone helping you with this, feel free to post a tip back here.

  • That’s almost everything!
    There may be a migraqtion script or some expert that can help you. I’ll move you over to the migration forum so that others who know this area well will see it quicker.

  • That’s almost everything!
    There may be a migraqtion script or some expert that can help you. I’ll move you over to the migration forum so that others who know this area well will see it quicker.

  • michal rock

    Joomla is the best open source software to use to create website in easy manner without any kind of programing problem. It will give you support of thousands of extension to control the website very easily. Near about 2.7% internet sites are running on joomla.

    psd to wordpress

  • Anonymous

    Here’s five great reasons to consider migrating your web site to a content management system (CMS).
    1. Speed of development
    2. Low maintenance cost
    3. Onlone support
    4. Variety of designs
    5. Free mambo templates

    psd to html

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