How to Fix Your Overheating Gateway P-Series Laptop

Gateway P-7805u LaptopI have a Gateway P-7805u notebook that’s been running hot, slow and noisy for a while now. I didn’t think anything of it until I tried to play Battlefield 2, a game it should have handled with ease, and the system slowed to a crawl.

After fiddling with other solutions that did nothing, it struck me the system was getting so hot it had to slow down the processors to generate less heat. Getting to the fans so I could check them for dust was not as easy as on my previous laptop, but I eventually found two great guides to walk me through the process of taking everything apart:

Sure enough, even though we don’t smoke or have pets there was a lot of dust clogging the cooling system. Once I got that cleaned out the system ran much cooler, the noise level dropped off because the fans didn’t have to run continually, and best of all Battlefield 2 runs like a well-oiled machine, just the way it should.

Even if dust isn’t your issue, the guides above are detailed enough to walk you through replacing just about anything on your system, including the screen and the fans. Check them out.


  • Tall_lushesness

    Been having some loud fan/heating problems, as well as in-game lag for a while now. Very handy, thanks!

  • Tim

    I have the same machine with the same problems. I took it apart and blew out the fans, but I also cleaned out the old thermal paste/tape and put new stuff in it. A tube only costs $10 and it cooled my cpu/gpu down by about 100 degrees F. Well worth the time and money if you know what you’re doing or have a good guide.

  • Nice to know! I’m due to go through the process again in the next few weeks, so maybe I’ll try that too.

  • jorhor

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  • rebecca0196

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