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Migrating from Xoops to Joomla

PixelCliff - Open-Source Template ConversionsI used to use Xoops a fair amount several years ago, but eventually settled on Joomla and WordPress as being a better solution for my needs. If you are like me and are thinking about making the switch to another platform, you may be interested to learn of a new service by PixelCliff that can make your move a LOT easier. For a fee, PixelCliff can take either your existing website design or an artwork file (e.g. Photoshop PSD) and convert it to a fully functional Joomla template (or WordPress or Drupal theme for that matter). The ability to take your design with you goes a long way toward making any switch much more feasable.

There are a couple of added bonuses here. The first is that it is fast. From the time you place your order till you get your finished template takes just 5 business days (or 72 hours if you are in a big hurry and willing to fork out the extra cash.) The other bonus is that you get a high-quality product, and that means better SEO, better browser compatibility, and should you ever need to tweak things, more readable code.

You can find PixelCliff at: PixelCliff – Open-Source Template Conversions